Belated 2018 Life Wrap Up Post

2018 Achievements (in no particular order) 

  • Moved out of house. 

  • Got a book published and while I am under no illusions about its ability to win prizes, people have given generally positive feedback and I am happy with it. 

  • Cooked and meal prepped good healthy regularly, more so after moving out of the house.

  • Got a job with regular pay and benefits which means actually being able to save regularly and I know a couple of people told me they thought I was going to be a boho thing forever I can only say that life costs money ok 

  • Read 76 books, and also read a lot of articles, random online poetry, fanfiction. Basically read a lot of words. 

  • Wrote a lot of words too. I don't have stats on how many words written and I stopped working on the wuxia novel in March (which was about 24k words at that point) but I did write a lot of poetry I was proud of and got 17 poems accepted in 11 journals/contests. 

  • Finally attended Singapore Writer’s Festival! (and not in the capacity as intern or bookstore elf) and also as a featured writer and moderator. Was told that I was very articulate, which is great and will hopefully mean I will continue being invited to more events.  

  • Bought a Nintendo Switch and many associated games on the platform and I wish I could tell child Nat who only got older brother's hand-me-down toy consoles that yes bebe it gets better. Earning money is good. 

  • Travelled to Bali and the UK solo and met people and read poetry in scary foreign stages and ate food and talked to strangers and found old friends and survived. 

  • Single for two years and thrived. Am so much more comfortable now with going to the cinema, and shopping, and eating in public, and wandering around alone. 

  • Blocking and cutting toxic people without missing them. 

  • I think I also got a lot better at asking for help. Usually I would rant about something and then attempt to move on after that and then have massive breakdowns and lie in bed for days but this year I mostly caught myself before it got too bad and actually contacted people before the meltdown stage. 

  • Started a positivity diary on 26 December at the urging of a friend where I write down one positive thing that happened each day. So far it is all either good food or meeting friends or wearing pretty things and I hope that I can continue this forever. 

Things I did not achieve (and will hopefully work on for next 2019) 

  • Working on photography skills  - I’ve been so lazy about taking my camera out since getting my Samsung S8 last year.

  • Learning to sew 

  • Getting better at Chinese

  • Getting better at Japanese 

  • Working on my prose more

  • Set up a writer website with my portfolio and Serious Writer Photos  (and if you’re reading this, it means that this site is up!)

Future goals: 

  • When asked by a friend what my goals for 2019 were, my response was that I wanted to do keep doing what I did in 2018; only more of it. And at the same time get more sleep and rest. Which means either getting a lot more efficient with the way I spend my time, or readjusting goals. I don’t know. But there are so many things still to see and do and learn.